£320.00 Sold Out

One of my absolute all time favourites. Believe it or not, I've spent 3 days building this fella. The top part of the legs are from some old scales that needed loads of work to disassemble, the lower part of the legs needed something interesting manufacturing for the 'windows' and the body took an age to attach the components you see here. Then there was the head. I actually built 4 different heads for him and none looked right when I put them on so I found this old camera case that needed more work to make structurally sound. All in all, he has some of the best bits in my collection and I'm really proud of how he turned out. If I didn't have a mortgage to pay he'd be in my front room taking pride of place on my mantle piece, I think he's that good. I've tried to take the best pictures I could of the light (an enamel photo lamp from the 1950's) but they don't really do it justice-it looks better in the flesh. It also casts a nice backlight onto the wall behind which also looks cool.
He stands at 110cm tall and the light takes a standard Edison bulb. There's a switch on the cable.