Robot workshops


For a unique gift, get that builder/designer/tinkerer in your life a one-to-one robot workshop at my studio in Sandbach (Cheshire). I charge £30/hr and they take a minimum of 2 hours to build a sculpture like those in the photos. Then add the cost of the bits (£25 for non-vintage or rare parts, more expensive to build something like my own sculptures). I can take upto 4 people at a time and they’re welcome to spend as much time with me as they like. (As an example, a lamp may take 4-6 hours to build with £100-200 for the parts but they’ll end up taking home a sculpture like one of mine that they’ve designed and built themselves). I can email you a voucher for the session so they have something to open on their birthday/other celebration. Please give me a call on 07764685650 to discuss.