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This little robot 70cm tall) plays music via a headphone Jack connected to the amp on his chest. (If you have an iPhone then you can get an adapter or you could easily make him into a Bluetooth music player via an adapter (contact me if you’d like me to recommend one). He sounds great! Here’s his story-
Rayco used to clock people in at the Mackintosh Factory in Manchester until he was sacked for sniffing the glue used to make wellies. He dancing to the music he plays on his chest, white water rafting and watching Scrapheap challenge. At 54, he’s quite old for a robot but if you oil his widget and rub his ball joints on a regular basis then there’s years left in him yet. He has a strict diet of cheesy beens and turkey twizzlers that needs washing down with de-scaling liquid to keep him in tip-top condition.