Maxx Watt

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This little robot 70cm tall) plays music via a headphone Jack connected to the amp on his chest. (If you have an iPhone then you can get an adapter or you could easily make him into a Bluetooth music player via an adapter (contact me if you’d like me to recommend one). He sounds great! Here’s his story-

Hiya! My name’s Maxx and I like star-gazing and eating Murray Mints with Jelly Tots as an aperitif. I also love to listen to Chopin in my dark-room whilst pursuing my other favourite hobby of photography, which I mostly do on Mondays after Zumba. The best photo I ever took was of Mrs Miggins putting her washing out but Boots wouldn’t print it ‘cos – well I don’t really know. It seemed all right to me…
Please don’t wash me ‘cos I’ll rust. Also please note that I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I like things exactly right.
As I’ve recently been repaired, please store me upside down for 3 weeks until my slubberdoffer retains its equilibrium. Otherwise I’ll fall over.