Struggling for a present for Valentine's Day? Does your partner like robots?
Then I've got the answer!
Luvya is a little robot holding a hand made love heart who's as cute as a button.
He stands at 38cm tall (I've put a 7" single next to him for scale)
I've thrown everything at these! The body and head is printed with my gelli plate, there's lots of fabrication in the build and the heart was made using my band saw and then hand painted. Finally, here's a poem I wrote.
I send to you some robot love
As I traveled from the stars above
My owner said they need my aid
To secure the love that we have made.
Cheeeeeeesy I know. I'll print it and put it in the box. Bin it if you don't like it! I won't be offended 😉.
I've included delivery in the price