£300.00 Sold Out

Jumble is a Bluetooth enabled music playing robot dog. Pre-covid, a customer asked me to build them a white dog that played music. I bought all the bits and did them a mock-up. Then, unfortunately, they lost their job. I decided to complete the build (which was really, really hard! I had to build a skeleton inside the body and a new back, amongst other challenges). I’m quite proud of the result though...
He is 60cm tall and 60cm nose to tail. He sounds great as I used the vintage speaker from the radio coupled with a new Bluetooth amplifier. If I’m being totally honest, I’m not massively happy with how the back of the sculpture looks. There’s a few aesthetic mistakes I made that I’m not happy with. If he’s to sit on a kitchen island then this guy might not be for you. He’ll look fine if his back is against a wall. Just being honest!