£220.00 Sold Out

Gooble loves a chat. She used to work on the phones for British Gas but she had such a good time gassing to customers that she never sold any boilers. Now she works in the Everton Mints call centre where most calls centre around problems with the stripes. Her favourite food is liver pate on Jacobs Crackers, washed down with a nice raspberry stout. As far as hobbies go, she loves to paint watercolour pictures of snails and she takes part in Freestyle Walking exhibitions around the North West. Gooble needs adopting so I can afford to send her for Snufflewhacker reduction surgery.
She stands at 55cm tall. Her eyes are standard led Edison fit golf ball bulbs (available anywhere) with black felt pads stuck on them. Only replace them with Led bulbs as the sticker ‘pupils’ get hot and fall off if you don’t! The antenna bulb is a long Edison fit vintage bulb easily available from eBay.