Special builds and commissions


Do you have a treasured possession that you want to use or display in an interesting way? If so, then I’ll happily use it to build you a sculpture that incorporates it so you’ll have a lovely memory whilst having something cool to look at (or maybe I could build it into a light or music playing robot so it has a use as well?). The 1st picture is of a robot I built for a man who was retiring from his business making jet engine parts. The second picture is a robot made for a guy who used to play ice hockey and the third picture is of a ‘bot I built for the granny of a 6 year old lad whose husband passed away. He tinkered in his shed making electrical thingamabobs like the meter you see as the body. She sent me it and I made her the robot you see here. It’s off to Australia and will hopefully be a lovely memory for the boy of his grandfather. Please email me at [email protected] or give me a call on 07764685650 if you’d like to discuss anything.