Chibbly Mumbumble

£285.00 Sold Out

One of those builds that'll never be recompensed for. He kinda went like this- Buy a wooden box. Reinforce wooden box 'cos it's cheaply made and will never survive being posted anywhere. Find cool old graphics in magazines and cut them out and stick 'em on the box (called 'decoupage' don't ya know?). Next, go through your stock of interesting things and add some 3D elements to the sculpture. Then find and install some legs, arms and a head. Then think "hmm, I reckon he'd look good with some lights on him". Then think "I wish I'd thought about that before I built it 'cos now I've got to drill holes in things that, if I get it wrong, will mean I have to go back to stage 1". Luckily, I'm pretty good 😉 and I didn't have to….
Really chuffed with how he turned out though. He stands at 75cm tall and his lights are USB powered. I couldn't put a switch on them so he'd be better plugged into a switched socket. Or you could just pull out the usb…