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This robot stands at 80cm tall and has a working alarm clock (mains powered) as his ‘eyes’. His story is as follows
Alfa was once a test ‘bot for Rumbelows in the ‘70s until he was fired for inappropriate behavior with a lady customer. He was found out when bits of the ladies shag pile was discovered in his intercooler after a particularly heavy session of ‘hide the tester probe’. His hobbies include cleaning trains, chewing Frisbees and face painting cats. As far as dietary requirements go, you can’t go much wrong if you feed him Branston Pickle on scones with a nice glass of Aldi sherry to follow. Alfa stands at 80 cm tall in his pants (when he’s wearing them-which isn’t often). He needs adopting so I can afford to send him on a ‘How To Lick Vinegar Off Pickled Eggs’ course in Chorlton.